About Vivian Maier Developed

Welcome to “Vivian Maier Developed,” a two-part narrative focused on the talented photographer who spent much of her adult life as a nanny. This account supplements the film “Finding Vivian Maier,” which chronicled the artist’s posthumous discovery, with an emphasis on her Chicago years. Credible new sources allow us to unlock the mystery of her family and childhood, especially in New York. Knowledge of Maier’s history informs a deeper understanding and appreciation of her photography. We share this story to build interest in her work and to champion her legacy.

This project is a collaboration between me, Ann Marks, a retired business executive and Francoise Perron, a retired judge from Maier’s French hometown. We have a passion for research, mysteries and photography. We worked in collaboration with the curators and owners of Maier’s archive, John Maloof, Jeff Goldstein and Stephen Bulger, who provided generous access and support. We are grateful for the assistance of countless interviewees, archivists, genealogists, and topic experts.

Our research emphasizes hard-evidence, first-hand accounts and corroboration of findings. Sources included genealogical and military records, historical periodicals, documents from the NY State Archives, NY City Library and Surrogate Courts and interviews with those who knew the family.  These individuals have given permission to use their accounts, requesting their names not be shared to protect privacy. Recognizing that no one is alive to tell the full story, we  welcome corrections and new information to enable further development of Maier’s remarkable story. Please contact us at vivianmaierbio@gmail.com.

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